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Ricotta Sieve

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A great help for the pastry chef is the new Passaricotta MOD SCR200/1 . Built entirely from stainless steel and thanks to its transmisssion system it makes far the blending  of  ricotta cheese and sugar or the refining of a good  cream for pastries far easier and practical.

It stands out for its  working power, unique in its kind and for the  size and ease by which it can be moved.

It is possible to take out the bowl and disassemble the machine including the  polyethylene  scraper and pierced cone.

The motor is completely closed but easy to inspect.

The machine is low voltage as  required under current legislation and has a security block system which will block the machine if not assembled correctly.

Working capacity 200lt/h


LxPxH cm

Sieve Size cm 21,5 diametro
Dimensioni tramoggia di carico  22cm
Potenza applicata hp  0,5
Weight 45 kg


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Our bread grinder MPX-80 is  designed for the production of breadcrumbs. It’s suitable for work with harder(stale) or soft crumb  bread . Different types of grinder are avaiable depending on the size of breadcrumb required.

Capacità lavorativa 80 kg/h
Dimensioni LxPxH mm              425x290x1095
Apertura carico mm               125 diametro
Potenza assorbita kw  380v                   2,2
Peso 3,5 Kg


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We provide different  models  of  SPACCALEGNA TN    to our customers, offering a wide range of solutions  depending on the size and hardness of the wood and the type of work required.

The main characteristics of the SPACCALEGNA TN  are the high quality of materials used, its strength, its power, ease of use and saftey that make our product suitable for both domestic and professional use.

Completly built in our establishment the SPACCALEGNA TN Sangrigoli is certified made in Italy.